Why You Should Not Sell a Home without a Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are essential during property sales, especially in aspects of advertising, negotiations, and paperwork. Today, many sellers are skipping the process of hiring a real estate agent in hopes of saving money and other resources. Add the fact that a lot of home listing websites are giving sellers the option of selling their homes on their own!

While it is your right to choose how to sell your property, may it be with an agent or not, the journey will be difficult. Below are some reasons why you should have a real estate agent by your side when selling a property.

Why sell with an agent?

While it might sound practical, selling a posh property in Las Vegas, Nevada by your own can only cost you more than you think because you will personally do everything in the home selling process, which can be a handful.

Real estate agents have better scope and knowledge

As realty is a vast industry, experts like agents are needed to help novice and even experienced sellers learn techniques to successfully sell a property.

Real estate agents also have wide connections to different organizations and groups of people, so they will be able to spread your Las Vegas luxury property listing, making way for better opportunities to be seen by potential buyers. It’s not enough to choose just any realtor, of course. You need a realtor who has passed the real estate exam, who has gained their license and who has vast experience in the locality in which they work.

You could probably do listings by your own on several listing sites such as Zillow or Redfin, and maybe advertise it on social media, but unless you are a high ranking business mogul or a real estate agent yourself, there will only be a few people who will be interested.

Some buyers are reluctant with FSBO

It is common in the real estate market for buyers and their agents to be hesitant to purchase from For Sale by Owner (FSBO) properties, not because of any vindictive prejudice, but for practicality.

Of course, they want luxurious properties that are professionally represented to make sure the selling process sails smoothly. So there is a high chance that buyer agents will exclude your listing no matter how gorgeous your home is.

Home selling is a lot of work

Agents are trained in handling paperwork and talking with buyers over a variety of communication channels. You probably would not have time to respond to all of the contacts that are trying to reach you because realty is not your expertise and not your full time job.

You negotiate on your own

Negotiation is daunting and without the proper knowledge of how the real estate system works, your home could fall into the wrong type of deal. Agents know the market and they know what to offer and what not to offer to buyers.

Since it is your home that you are selling, you might go all emotional when none of your deals is pushed through. A real estate agent who has worked with countless properties can sell your home without any emotional blunders.

How will you sell your without an agent? If you have decided to sell a home by yourself, you should take note of the things that you are going to need.

Listings and ads

Without a real estate agent, you need to do all the advertisements. You need a web listing, which is not free but will surely put your property out in the market. If your home is now in a Multiple Listing Service (MLS), it is also essential to do additional public notice through newspaper ads, social media ads, and word of mouth.

Of course, your home needs to be properly staged, well-detailed, and perfectly photographed to stand out from the multitude of homes in MLS.

Screening and negotiation techniques

Screen all your approaching buyers if your property is a FSBO. All should be pre-approved for a smoother transaction. Of course, you should be confident and well-versed in the market so you can arrive in an ideal deal with your buyer.

A lot of time

You need to be available when buyers request for a tour of your home. You should also be patient enough to answer a variety of questions from potential buyers.

The deciding factor

At the end of the day, how you sell your home still depends on you. Whether you choose to have a real estate agent or not, it is your determination and dedication that should guarantee a home sale. Just do not forget that real estate agents are vital for your survival in the resilient Las Vegas real estate market.

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