Why House-hunt During the Holidays?

It might not seem likely, but the holiday season turns out to be a good house-hunting season too. If you really cannot believe it, here are some reasons why you should consider buying a house during the holidays. Once you read the advantages of house-hunting during this jolly season, you might even consider buying a Las Vegas luxury real estate property as a Christmas gift for yourself or your family this year!

Christmas sale

Well, real estate properties are not technically on Christmas sale during the holidays, but their prices often drop during this time of the year. Compared to other months in the year, real estate property prices are lowest in December. A recent real estate study found that house listings between late December and late March have 10% greater chance of having a selling price close to the asking price.

Mortgages slow down

Aside from the low selling price of real estate properties during December, holidays also make real estate itself slow down. And as the real estate slows down, so does mortgages, which means that it is a good time for you to finally get a mortgage if you have been planning to get one. Additionally, there are fewer loans to process, making the processes faster.

Christmas time means more time

Christmas season is the only season when most working people like you are not busy going to work, dropping kids off to school, and running regular daily errands. This means that you have more time in your hands than usual—and you can use that time to house-hunt.
House-hunting when you are not busy is very different since you and the real estate agent can spend more time in discussing the house and other important details. You can also cover a lot more houses for sale with a loose time on your hands.

Few fellow house-hunters around

People might be on their holiday vacations but since Christmas and New Year are both coming around fast, most of them would be busy decorating houses, Christmas shopping, and taking Christmas family photos. In other words, most people would be too busy to go house-hunting so you could have most of the real estate agents’ attention as they have less homebuyers to attend to. You might be busy doing all the Christmas errands mentioned above too, but if you are good at time management, you can finish your tasks ahead and even have a huge extra time which you can use for house-hunting.

See the houses’ full potential

You cannot take away the spirit of the holiday season from home sellers even if they are about to move out. Houses on the market are probably dressed up for Christmas and you get to see what the exterior and interior would look like when fully decorated. This gives you a chance to better imagine what it would be like to live there. You will also be able to see how much the decorations suit the house, so you will know which house design is versatile to decorations and which house design is not.
Are you ready to do some Christmas shopping on luxury real estate properties in Las Vegas? If you are, do not hesitate to contact Triumph Luxury Homes for assistance. Feel free to ask for more details about house buying and real estate property prices during the holiday seasons!

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