Staging Tips for Your Las Vegas Luxury Home

Deciding when to sell your Las Vegas luxury home is only the first step in the home selling process. An essential procedure that follows is staging your property because a well-presented luxury home will make for a guaranteed sale. Below are some tips which you could use if you are now staging your luxury real estate in Las Vegas!

Start with the outside

The exterior of the home is as significant as the interior. In fact, it is sometimes more important to the buyers because the exterior of the luxury home builds up a certain appeal on the entire home.

Whether your luxury home is a modest property or a sprawling multi-floor complex, always make sure that your entrance is inviting. You can adorn your exterior by placing shrubberies, potted plants, and porch furniture with dazzling solar lights for added ambiance.

Also make sure the lawn is manicured, the driveway is clean and without obstruction, and that home signs are complete and placed properly.

Clean and declutter

It is given that most luxury homes like those in Triumph Luxury Homes’ featured listings have extravagant features. However, you should thoroughly clean each home feature when staging your luxury property. It does not only involve sweeping or washing, but also simplifying everything down to the basics like reducing your overflowing stack of books or removing unnecessary trinkets.

To further attract homebuyers, create an airy and neutral feel by hanging pale colored drapes, repainting your walls with light paint colors, and letting more natural sunlight in.

Rearrange and repair

Maybe you are used to that vacant cupboard under your stairs or the sofa wedged in a small corner, but your buyers are not. You could draw more homebuyers by rearranging your furniture pleasantly and by making use of every room because buyers will not like a home that seems too lived in. Moreover, repair what needs to be repaired like faulty bulbs or loose hinges – even the tiniest issues could make a buyer back out!

Make it about the buyer

Since you are trying to sell a home, cater to the buyer’s needs. Make sure that they will be able to imagine living in the property right from the moment they step inside. You can do this by having a balance of staged and casual home design. Put a pitcher of fresh lemonade and a single stem flower on a glass vase by the kitchen counter, or place a tray of cookies on the dining table. These will not only make the home even more appealing, but they will also show that you relish living in it.

All your hard work during staging will surely pay off once a sale is on sight! For more staging tips and for help in selling your Las Vegas luxury home, contact today Kamyar Zargari of Triumph Luxury Homes, a Las Vegas luxury realty company!

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