Preparing Your Rental for a New Tenant

The Complete Checklist 

It’s that time again.
You’ve invested the necessary time and energy and found yourself a new, quality tenant. It wasn’t easy, but the job is now done.
What next?
Preparing your rental for a new tenant needn’t be difficult. With a quick checklist to hand, you’re good to go. However, some landlords just don’t make the necessary commitments that they should.
What purpose is there to go to all that effort, only to frustrate and anger your newfound tenant? Landlords who are unprepared should prepare for the dissatisfaction their new tenant is likely to show.
Avoid getting off on the wrong foot and make that extra effort. The more effort you put in, the more responsive your tenant is likely to be and the more likely they are to renew the lease.
Here, we put together the essential checklist that every landlord should have.
Preparing your rental for a new tenant means focussing on:

1 – Walking through the rental

Inspect the property. When we say inspect, we mean inspect.

In other words, a casual glance here and there – without any interest or effort – is a complete waste of time. Make that extra effort by searching for the fine details. What details do these include?
Well, think about what needs to be repaired or cleaned or replaced altogether. That’s quite an extensive list of checks right there.
Don’t just focus on key functionalities, important though they are.

Think about health and safety, too. For example – are smoke detectors working? Is there any mold lurking in and around corners?

2 – Many licks of paint

There’s nothing quite like a fresh lick of paint.

It not only freshens up the property, but it also establishes a positive tone for a fresh relationship between tenant and landlord.

Don’t just focus on the inside, either.

Think about revamping and updating the outside, too. There’s nothing worse than dated, damaged and dirty paintwork and incoming tenants know it. Those same tenants appreciate the added value that landlords invest to make their living experience that much better.

3 – Utilities

The fundamental utilities of every home need to be intact and working as described in the lease agreement.

Are all appliances working?

What about the fridge and freezer? How about the faucets?

You need to think about the finer details, here. Don’t walk around your rental unit in a casual and observation-based manner. Get stuck in and try everything out – down to the very last detail. If you don’t find what’s not working, your newfound tenant is sure to let you know very, very soon.

Save yourself the bother – conduct these checks and fix anything, no matter how small, that is not working as it should.
If larger items, such as fridges, need to be completely replaced – always think about the time involved. Schedule appointments in advance to save time. The last thing you need is a tenant moving in without the essential, fundamental appliances working.

4 – Never underestimate cleanliness.

In many respects, cleanliness is relative.

Clean for one person is not necessarily clean for another person. Perhaps your standards – even as the landlord – aren’t quite as high as they should be.

That’s why you should invest in a professional cleaner – someone who can elevate the rental unit to the very highest standards of cleanliness.

This is particularly true if your rental has carpets which can, over time, leave a musty and dusty presence and odor that no tenant worth the name wants to endure.

5 – Always change the locks

You can never be 100 percent certain about what happened previous keys and locks.

Copies may be present, they may not be.

But don’t take the risk.

The same goes for garages with security codes. Get those codes changes as soon as possible.

No landlord can go wrong with this checklist. Preparing your rental for a new tenant doesn’t need to be difficult. Maximize the value from the relationship from the outset. Take the time, make the effort, be prepared to make added investment. You’ll be repaid with a loyal tenant who stays long-term.

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