Outdoor Features for Your Las Vegas Luxury Home

The exterior parts of Las Vegas luxury homes are becoming more and more significant as time goes by. These days, the designs, features, and even importance of the outdoors is almost the same as the indoors. Because hosting has become more elaborate than before, homeowners maximize the use of outdoor space, while emerging trends are more fit outdoors than indoors.

Whether you have just moved in or you have been living in your Las Vegas real estate property for a long time, adding these outdoor features will provide a brand new definition of luxury to your home!

Landscaping and lighting

Las Vegas luxury homes are located in an arid geography, a perfect canvas for landscaping and lighting. With the help of a landscape designer, you can make the exterior part of your home lush, detailed, and attractive.

Lush landscaping is a trend that never goes out of style. Trees, shrubberies, and flowers add a harmonious ambiance fit for a relaxing stroll or lounge outside your home. Adding greenery also makes your place eco-friendly and brings benefits like shade, proper ventilation, and increase in home value.

Further emphasize this by strategically placed lighting fixtures such as post lights, spike lights, in-ground lights, string lights, and more! When night falls, your verdant landscaping will become even more luscious and exciting – a fine place for a romantic date or a warm family picnic. The lighting also generates illusion of space, sets the mood, and gives safety and security.

Water features

Water gives a well-needed variety for your landscaping and lighting. To accentuate your outdoor features, you can put fountains, waterfalls, ponds, and wells. These do not only add a sense of tranquility, but also pleasure. It is also a challenge to maintain everything clean and fresh.

Several Las Vegas communities are abundant with luxury homes with swimming pools which are perhaps the most prominent features which greatly upsurge home value. These are also convenient, especially because of the hot climate in the city. Having a swimming pool in your luxury home also makes gatherings more entertaining. Kids can frolic on water and adults can go for a late night dip.

Make sure that the water feature you will put in your outdoor space will fit the topography of the area. Furthermore, to help determine the construction and energy system, decide whether you are going to use stagnant or moving water and if you will include a living ecosystem. Treat the water feature as an addition rather than the focus.

Fire pits

Fire is another important element that will make your outdoors even more ravishing! This outdoor feature can come in many shapes, sizes, and functions. Las Vegas luxury homes with outdoor fire pits are filled with an exotic and warm feeling. Similar to the other features, fire pits also increase the home value. This feature is also ideal for a night of al fresco dinner or a sky gazing during a chilly season.

You can go for fire pits that use wood if you want a more traditional, toasty campfire setting. If you want something more extravagant, try propane fire pits. For something low-key that also does not produce that much scent or smoke, go for gel fuel fire pits. Look for natural gas fire pits if you want something that never runs out of fuel.

Fire pits can be either portable or permanently placed. Materials may also vary – from wood, to brick, to iron. They also come in different covers that resemble bowls, tables, and even water fountains.

Wooden structures

Most suitable for backyards and gardens, wooden structures – decks, pergolas, trellises, benches, and gazebos – bring out a rustic appeal to your Las Vegas luxury home which many home enthusiasts want.

More than accentuating the place, wooden structures are extremely functional. They bring exceptional convenience, especially when families eat or lounge outside their home. Wooden structures provide shade from the scorching sun and places to rest.

Other wooden structures for your outdoor area are playgrounds, pool houses, tool sheds, and greenhouses.

Dining and entertainment

An outdoor kitchen is still one of the best outside features you can invest on. With this, you will not need to dash from the indoor kitchen to the outdoor dining event just to serve meals. If you are fond of hosting outdoor events, dining will not be complete without entertainment features such as outdoor theaters with screens, sound systems, game consoles, and comfy loungers which you can also place outside your luxury home.

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