More Architectural Styles Used in Las Vegas Luxury Homes

Previously, we took a comprehensive look at the most popular architectural styles of luxury homes in Las Vegas. Those styles are some of the most prolific architectural types that embody the Las Vegas real estate.

In light of this, there are other styles used in designing Las Vegas luxury homes that are worthy of a look although not as frequently incorporated into properties as the others, especially if you want to be cut above the rest.

Contemporary style

This style can be singled out with the use of open spaces, neutral color palettes, and minimalism. It also borders on smart architecture with little greenery and plenty of windows for natural light.

Southwestern style

A blend of Spanish and Pueblo architectural style, Southwestern style is widely used to reduce the Las Vegas heat. It is characterized by sun-shielding tile roofs and stucco walls and is further adorned by wood ceilings and heavy finishes.

Art Deco style

Made popular in the 1930s, Art Deco architecture in Las Vegas luxury homes is distinguished by flat roofs, smooth walls, and geometric ornaments. It is a decorative approach to modernism where the aerodynamic look is made possible by the curved fronts, rectangular and porthole glass windows, as well as chrome fixtures and glass. It is a style that is usually seen on upscale hillside communities.

Craftsman style

Part of the Arts and Crafts movement, Craftsman style is defined by low pitched gable roofs, front porches with bold posts, beams, and overhanging eaves. It is also usually elevated and is known for the use of natural materials, such as wood, stone, and metal, which are then hand-crafted into the home.

Modern style

Also known as Mid-century Modern style, Modern architecture is known for its open floor plans, sleek interiors, as well as the use of wood, leather, and metal materials. It refers to a style that originated in the 1920s and is often confused with Contemporary architecture, a style with perpetually changing content. Other features include bare floorings, pale walls, and other open layouts that connect the interior and the exterior areas.

Other Las Vegas home architectural styles are as exquisite and dynamic as the popular ones so having them as your primary home style will not make your living any less stellar! For more information about Las Vegas luxury homes, connect with Triumph Luxury Homes today!

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