Mixing Architectural Styles on Las Vegas Luxury Homes

Sometimes, having one architectural style in your luxury home can be dull. While a certain style has its own uniqueness and flavor, you may still want to infuse another style for innovation and brand new taste! Although mixing architectural styles is not new, it can still be complex for those who are untrained. This is why designers and architects are needed when there building or renovating a home.

Below is a guideline when mixing architectural styles for your Las Vegas luxury homes to help you achieve a perfectly-eclectic abode!

The identity of architectural styles

Each architectural style is defined by a certain element, making it easy to set apart from others. For example, a Ranch style is distinguishable by the stucco walls and the terra cotta roof tiles, while exposed wood is a main feature of Tudor style. When we see these characteristics, it is easy to identify the style.

Each of these elements makes up the architectural styles and gives them a distinguishable personality as some of these elements are not randomly placed, but rather a product of many innovations through many years.

Mixing elements of different architectural styles also means blending identities so be extra meticulous to ensure your Las Vegas luxury home has the impression you are aiming for.

Take inspiration

To know what architectural styles to mix, consult books or magazines of the style you are interested in. Examine actual eclectic homes and consult designers. Having an actual visual rendering of your ideas such as illustrations or digital models during assessments will also help improve your decisions.

Choosing the motifs

When finally settling down on the motifs that will be merged, apply the “less is more” rule. At least three styles should be enough to fit the exterior and interior of your home. Adding too many elements will make the place too distracting.

Take contrast into consideration when mixing. You would want a mixture of architectural styles that have different shades but are similar. Do not try to blend motifs that are too unrelated from each other. For example, a Victorian front door will not go well with Spanish arches as these are from completely different eras.

The styles you mix should also have an equal amount of detail with another reduced style to be the equalizer. Some examples of good mixtures are Modern and Ranch, Spanish and Tuscan, and a beach house and country style architecture.

Remember that you are responsible on how your home will look so be creative and be careful not to sacrifice the comfort for your desired mixed style!

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