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A quaint and modest community in Pahrump, Nevada, the community Artesia lies in the middle of an all desert terrain at the foot of Charleston Peak. Despite being marginally remote, it’s guaranteed safe and secure like other communities. Here, you can get to know everyone while having the chance to indulge on a peaceful way of living that is ideal for individuals looking to settle or retire.
Artesia is named after the flowing artesian wells in the community. It was first discovered by the Paiute Tribe 700 odd years ago and was hailed as the “valley of abundant water.” This attracted ranchers.
In 1939, Louis Kellogg of the Kellogg telephone company drilled on its lands and established a grain mill that still stands to this day while Artesia remains as a majestic community enriched by its history.

The Homes

Varying from a ranch style to contemporary design, luxury homes in Artesia provide comfort and magnificence like no other. This community’s catalogue commonly features single story homes with stucco or brick walls and various roof styles from wood, to asphalt to and concrete.
Large windows, an open flooring plan, and wide yards in Artesia luxury real estate are perfect for families who like their space and air. Homeowners can also seek an upgrade in their Las Vegas luxury real estate such as granite counters, plantation shutters, and custom flooring plans.
With features lying in 2,000 to 3,000 square meters offered, it’s worth investing in a luxury home in Artesia, where prices range from $200,000 to $400,000.

The Amenities

Artesia is the perfect community for those who want to reconnect with nature because of its vast selection of attractions and activities that every family member can enjoy!

Charleston Peak

More than being the highest peak in the Southern Nevada, it is also the most hiked. When not grazing on its beautiful snow-capped ridges during winter, you can hike its trails to see the picturesque view it brings.

Ian Deutch Memorial Park

If you still can’t get enough of nature but you want an easier and cozier getaway, then Ian Deutch Memorial Park is for you. Tucked away from the main streets, it is also surrounded by large trees which will give you peace as you play sports, skate, go on a picnic, or pet animals in a mini zoo.
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