2018 Garden Trends for Las Vegas Luxury Homes

If you feel like putting on your gloves and digging your own soil this 2018, then it is time to make your luxury home outdoor feature even more lush and lavish through these trends!


A Japanese principle that states that flaws are okay, Wabi-Sabi is beginning to invade many gardens of Las Vegas luxury properties. This means decaying plants, persistent mosses, and non-symmetrical hedges should be left alone for a more natural cycle as there is always beauty in imperfection.

Growing your own

The time has come for you to work in your own garden! This latest trend makes homeowners more hands-on in their gardening ventures as they plant, cultivate, and care for their own greenery. You can also experiment in growing your own food, especially fruits and vegetables. Not only will it make you self-sustaining, but it is also a fun challenge!

Scandinavian style

This style is defined by minimalism with colors such as white, green, and black. Achieve this look by putting wooden decks, potted plants, thin trees, fur rugs, floating pillows, and sofas in the middle of your garden. There are luxury homes with this style in different Las Vegas communities like Seven Hills and Red Rock Country Club.

Sparse spaces

More and more owners of Las Vegas luxury properties opt for smaller gardens, a trend that will surely flourish this year. This is an additional challenge as you will have to fit all the contents of a luxurious garden to a smaller area. It is true that is less is more, however, make sure that what you will include in your small garden will make up for the lost space.

Being connected

This is the year of building empathy to your garden. Achieve it by making your garden capable of opening senses through adding relaxing elements such as scent, harmonies, and visuals made from all-natural materials.

It is time to step out and be involved in the embellishment of your own Las Vegas luxury home! You can also add other outdoor features for your luxury home in Las Vegas! For information and featured listings of Las Vegas luxury properties, get in touch with Triumph Luxury Homes on (702) 799-9999.

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