2018 Best Places To Live in the USA: What City Topped Ranking

Moving to a different place may seem difficult because it involves a lot of house-moving tasks, not to mention the need to adapt to the new place upon moving. You may also think you are bounded by your family, job, or even your comfort zone. However, there are endless of opportunities for you when looking for a new place to live in.

Before doing anything else, you should consider the best places to live in the United States.Not sure what these amazing cities are? Read on below!

1. Austin, Texas

Its population might not have grown much in the past two-three years, but Austin is usually ranked high on the list of desirable locations. Last year’s number one, Austin again officially topped the rankings of the best cities to live in within the United States this year.

You will find people who are the most fulfilled in terms of physical wellness, financial stability, and even social life in this city. Dubbed as the Live Music Capital of the World, people are drawn to Austin’s great music and live performances from many artists and establishments, as well as to many available outdoor activities such as hiking and kayaking in more than 250 parks.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS also reports that Austin only has 3.0% unemployment rate from March 2018, which is one of the lowest in the country and is definitely impressive. However, you might be hard-pressed in finding a decent residential place in the city where you can also consider short-term rentals, so make sure to use an authentic medium such as Rentbelly to help you out.

2. Colorado Springs, Colorado

The city of Colorado Springs owes its improved position in this ranking to its high quality of life which will truly give one a peace of mind. In fact, the Colorado state has the sixth highest well-being score in the United States in 2017 according to Gallup-Sharecare’s State of American Well-Being Rankings with a score of 62.87.

It is a desirable city for fresh grads or those who are looking to change jobs because of its burgeoning job market, as well as to students of all levels because of its great schools. Students in Colorado Springs are more likely to get better job opportunities than students from other areas.
The city also has the lowest tax burden in the state and the majority of the country, as well as a low cost of living which is below the national average.

3. Denver, Colorado

Previously on the No.2 spot, Denver still has a high desirability level ranking third in the list. Forbes even listed Denver as the fourth best city in United States for businesses and careers. Indeed, it is one of the cities that millennials have been flocking to recently because there are several career options opening up in the city, increasing the job opportunities by leaps and bounds.

You could be interested in healthcare, biotech hospitality, aerospace, and several other career paths, and you can find all of them in Denver. You will definitely be assured that there’s a lot of talent as well as plenty of opportunities being created here!

Additionally, the city is also famous for its great views of the sky due to its high altitude as well as for its mountains that are just a short drive from the city.

4. Des Moines, Iowa

This place is a real success story when we’re talking about desirable locations. It has shot up a whole five spots from last year, which is an amazing feat considering the competition! This promotion is mainly due to the enhanced job prospects in the region.

In fact, Iowa only has 2.7% unemployment rate in June 2018 according to BLS, and Des Moines in particular only has 2.4% unemployment rate which is lower than the state and national average.

Of course, the great quality of life and reasonable cost of everyday living have also helped in improving Des Moines’ ranking on the list.

5. Fayetteville, Arkansas

Home to the University of Arkansas and deep within the Ozark Mountains, Fayetteville is one of the top 50 college towns in United States and also one of the best places to live in the country. The city offers its residents a generous helping of the culture, as well as plenty of entrepreneurialism, commerce, and higher education opportunities. An added bonus is the sheer friendliness of people, which is difficult to get in a metropolitan area.

With the cost of living being 6% lower than the national average, it is easy to enjoy living in Fayetteville by watching festivals, going to arts centers, and visiting plenty more of weekend getaways in the city.

6. Las Vegas, Nevada

Also included in the list is the tourism capital of the United States, the fabulous Las Vegas. Although the city is best known for gambling and the lively nightlife, Las Vegas also has great master-planned communities, like Summerlin North and Sun City Aliante, with good schools, recreational parks, and other amenities that are perfect for families with young kids.

Living in Sin City is also quite affordable despite its luxury image. Las Vegas has a median income of $54,384 from 2016 according to the Department of Numbers which is slightly lower than the whole state of Nevada and the United States, but it does not have an income tax which makes it one of the cities in the country with the lowest costs of living, and a popular place for Millennials and startup companies to move in.

Furthermore, the city is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes that not only pleases the eyes, but also encourages an active lifestyle.

There are many reasons why people need or want to move out of their places and look for a new home to live in, whether within the same city or to a different state. No matter what your reasons are, make sure to consider these six best places to live in United States to be your new home.

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